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Student Services

Helen Gao

If you have difficulty understanding English, we understand. Our agents can help you find a translator who is able to speak your language.

NAATI Translator/Interpreter (CPN2JI19Q9) English<->Chinese/AUSIT Member (7575) 

Please contact us for Translation and Interpreting services quotation.

Airport Pickup

Just arrived at Sydney or planning to come in the near future? Contact us and an agent will pick up you from the airport.

Accommodation Arrangement

Worried about where to stay when you get here? Don't worry, we can help. Our agents can help you find an accommodation that best suits your needs.

Essentials Management

We can assist you in creating and managing essentials required to live in Australia such as your opal card for travelling, bank card, visa. passport and medicare card

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Additional Services

Our agents and DFE can also provide​:

  • Visa Renewal

  • Course Exemption

  • Guardian Services

  • Study Mentoring

Contact us for more information

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